Resolving - Mapxtreme.NET: Infotip expression, MI_GridValueAtPixel(MI_GRID,@PixelX,@PixelY) doesn't show with vertical mapper grid file


In MapXtreme 7.0 and above the infotip expression MI_GridValueAtPixel(MI_GRID,@PixelX,@PixelY) doesn't show with vertical mapper grid file.

This however works in version 6.8.


"All raster/grid files which are loaded by the MIRasterHandlerRT.rhz handler are treated by MapXtreme as “RASTER” image types, so the various “GRID” related MISql functions (please refer MISQL_Reference.chm) like MI_GridMinValue, MI_GridMaxValue and MI_GridValueAtPixel will not work with these files. All the “RASTER” related MI Sql functions like MI_ImageFile, MI_ImagePixelWidth, MI_ImagePixelHeight are fully supported.

On 64 bit platforms, MapXtreme will open Vertical Mapper .GRD and .GRC files using the MIRasterHandlerRT handler, so these formats will be supported as “RASTER” rather than “GRID” type files by MapXtreme. This will limit some of the grid related MISql functions that would otherwise be available on 32 bit platforms"


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
If you look any old vertical grid files, their associated tab file contains a tag called "RasterStyle 6 1".
This tag is to inform grid handler that its a grid layer type. Please add this to your tab file.

The entry should be like this:
UNITS "degree"
RasterStyle 6 1