Resolve issue where User cannot edit metadata in MapInfo Pro using a MIM CSW Server (View/Edit Metadata command)

Product Feature: Web Services/EOLS
Product: MapInfo Professional, MapInfo Pro


The customer want to use the View/Edit Metadata feature in Layer control in MapInfo Professional but the feature is always grayed out. They have setup their own CSW service using MapInfo Manager 1.3.3, the user is MIM admin as well, the table is loaded via Catalog Browser but the feature is still grayed out in Layer control. 

 The help files says:

 "When is the View/Edit Metadata command active?
 View/Edit Metadata is active only when the table is managed. "


Library Service URL is not entered under Library Services tab in the Preferences>Web Service Preferences. 


UPDATED: September 11, 2017
Library Service is governed by the settings defined in Options -> Preferences -> Web Services -> Library Service

Here you need to enter the URL of the MapInfo Manager where you want to harvest your CSW records. Ensure that the MapInfo Manager Integration mode is set to "Catalogs and Library". Once you have a valid working Library Service URL, then the table is marked as managed, if it is harvested to the same MapInfo Manager instance, the library Service URL of which is put up in Options -> Preferences -> Web Services -> Library Service. Any table not harvested by this URL, is marked as un-managed. Another thing to consider is that when you are harvesting a table directly in MapInfo Manager, ensure that the Table has a valid Table ID in its metadata. MapInfo Pro uses the same table Id to query the MapInfo Manager whether the table is harvested in it or not. 

The URL of Library Service is generally of the form: 

Additional info from 1.3.3 help, this is what you need to do : 

MapInfo Manager Security 
The following is important information related to the security of MapInfo Manager, and should be executed as the first action after installation. 

Repository Service is Secured by Default 
MapInfo Manager v 1.3 now ships the Repository Service as a secure service. This is a change from MapInfo Manager v 1.2.x where all the services (MapInfoManager, CSW, WMS and RepositoryService) were shipped unsecured. 
  • The secure Repository service means that users only have read access to the Library. 
  • To give users write access to the Library, execute the following command: 
To restrict users to read only access to the Library, execute the following command: 
To set permissions for individual users, follow the instructions in the ACL Management REST Interface.