Resolve issue where column headings are truncated to 10 characters in MapInfo Pro 15 and associated Universal-Translator (UT, FME 2014-SP2)

Product Feature: Tools/3rd Party Plugins, Universal Translator (UT)
Product: MapInfo Professional, MapInfo Pro


MapInfo Pro 15 and associated Universal Translator (UT), FME 2014 SP2, truncates column headings to 10 characters when translating to Shape.

In the below screen shot you can see the DBF opened in MS Excel with truncated column names.

User-added image



It's a limitation in Shape format (DBF format more precisely). The length of a field name is limited to 10 characters.


UPDATED: September 11, 2017
There is no other workaround to just use column names with max 10 characters when it is planned to translate and provide a table in Shape format.