Portrait HQ: Performance patch for Portrait Explorer and Portrait Interaction Optimizer (TFS-34975)

Product Feature: Installation


Certain processes in Portrait Explorer and Portrait Interaction Optimizer, such as creating crosstabs and applying selections, had very poor performance, especially when displaying customer cards.

An error message was also being displayed when opening the Segmentation designer without first loading Portrait Explorer.


This poor performance was caused by the Portrait Shared Services (PSS) making a large number of calls to the Portrait Shared Repository (PSR) database, and coded delays when displaying cards.


UPDATED: April 10, 2017
A new hotfix, TFS-34975, is now available which partially resolves the performance issue and applies to Portrait HQ 2.1.

The error loading the Segmentation designer was introduced by hotfix TFS-34861, this hotfix corrects that.

This hotfix supersedes TFS-34861.

Please contact Software Support to request hotfix TFS-34975.