Resolve presort does not finish in PBFirst

Products affected: PBFirst™, PlanetPress®, ConnectRight™ Mailer version update


When attempting to presort through PBFirst™, the presort fails to complete. The error message "Hot folder path not found" may be displayed and ConnectRight™ Mailer may unexpectedly open.


The Job Handles in ConnectRight Mailer do not match the Job Definitions in PBFirst.
  • ConnectRight Mailer may be missing the Machine Preferences key.
  • The job handles may have been deleted from ConnectRight Mailer.
  • The job definitions may have been deleted from PBFirst.
  • An error may have occurred during the update of ConnectRight Mailer to a new version, which may have mistakenly removed the job handles from ConnectRight Mailer.


UPDATED: August 8, 2016
If you experience this issue, contact software support.