How to enable/disable MapInfo Pro 15.2 Extended NativeX Table and Regular Native Table

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro™ 64-bit


In MapInfo Pro 15.2, the default action is that any new table created is of the "classic" tab file format. 
Users can change the preferences in the Pro > Options > System Settings dialog to create the new format, "NativeX".


The cause for not being able to save as a Regular "Classic" Tab is that the System Settings Preferences were changed from the default. 


UPDATED: August 12, 2019
Below is a screenshot of the default settings for MapInfo Pro 15.2 64-bit.
To create NativeX format tables, users must check "Encode Workspaces and Tab Files" and under "New Tables",
the "Format" must be changed to "MapInfo Extended" from "MapInfo", and the Charset can be changed to the desired Unicode setting (default is UTF-16).

User-added image