Unable to open a Seamless Layer and stuck in endless loop of 'Image files open error. Unable to open table ' errors - MapInfo Pro™
Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


MapInfo Pro™ errors when trying to open a Seamless Layer that was created in an older version of MapInfo Pro™ 64 bit or MapInfo Professional® 32 bit.

When opening the layer in MapInfo Pro™ 16, the following error appears: Image files open error. Unable to open table <TABLE NAME>.

After the errors stop appearing, some parts of the Seamless Layer appear. However when zooming into/out of the Map the errors appear again and after selecting OK the same error appears each time causing a loop.

Opening the seamless layer in previous versions of MapInfo work fine.


This is a bug in MapInfo Pro™ v16.


UPDATED: July 24, 2019
A bug has been raised for this under the reference MIRAST-14167. This will be looked at for a future update or release of MapInfo Pro™.

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