Resolving the "Error Converting Layer" when importing a MapInfo Extended .tab in GeoInsight

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


When importing a MapInfo Extended .tab (NativeX) format table in GeoInsight, an error is generated:

Error Converting Layer
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The details:

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GeoInsight currently (May 2017) does not support importing the new MapInfo Pro file format:
MapInfo Extended (*.tab), also referred to as "NativeX" or "MapInfo Enhanced" format.


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
The workaround for this issue is to open the Extended .tab format table in MapInfo Pro 64-bit (ver. 15.2 or later).
  • - Save a copy to the original "classic" .Tab format. Go to Home>Save>Save Copy As.  Make sure to select Mapinfo *.tab as the file type.
  • -  In Windows Explorer or File Explorer, navigate to the folder where the file was saved and right-click on the .tab extension.  Example:
  • - Select:  "Open With"
  • - In Windows 7, select "choose default program". Double-click on "Other Programs" and select Notepad.  Important: Make sure to UNcheck the box in the lower right that says: "Always Use the selected program to open .this kind of files".
  • - In Windows 10, click on "More Apps" and select Notepad.  Important: Make sure to UNcheck the box: "Always Use This App to open .Tab files"
  • - Edit the text and change the Version! from 1520 to 1500.
  • - File>Save to save the changes.
  • - Close and restart the web browser (Internet Explorer) and re-login to GeoInsight to clear the cache.  The error will persist if Internet Explorer is not restarted.
  • - The new, edited .tab file in "classic" format should now import correctly.