Resolving incorrect translations in Selection Menu "Laufschriftauswahl" and "Begrenzungsauswahl" in MapInfo Pro™ 16 German

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™ 12.5, 15.2, 16 (64 bit)


Translations of the selection menu in MapInfo Pro™ 64 bit have not been very lucky. The feature name "Laufschriftauswahl" does not mean anything in this context and "Radiusauswahl" and "Begrenzungsauswahl" are not intuitively understandable. Unfortunately the old names are not used from the 32 bit version which were perfect for the features.

English selection menu                   German selection "Auswahl" menu

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The Translations in MapInfo Pro™ 15 (32 bit) have been as follows (Selection menu MapInfo Pro™ 64 bit vs 32 bit):
Englisch 64 bit    German 64 bit    German 32 bit
Radius SelectionRadiusauswahlKreisauswahl
Marquee SelectionLaufschriftauswahlRechteckauswahl
Polygon SelectionPolygonauswahlPolygonauswahl
Boundary SelectionBegrenzungsauswahlBereichsauswahl



This translation issue was introduced in MapInfo Pro 12.5 (64 bit). Unfortunately this was not realized earlier.


UPDATED: July 24, 2017
The issue has been logged as a defect # MIPRO-93086 - TRANSLATION ISSUE: What does "Laufschriftauswahl" and "Begrenzungsauswahl" should mean in MapInfo Pro 16 German?

It is planned to be fixed in one of the next Major Releases (probably version 17.0 German) because translation issues can't be fixed in a Maintenance Release (patch).