MapInfo Pro 15.0.2 Patch not updating MapInfo Pro 32 bit properly

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Versions affected: 15.0.1 (Build 203)



When running the 15.0.2 patch on MapInfo Pro™ 15.0.1 Build 203, some customers are getting an error that 15.0.2 cannot be installed. Besides this when they search for an update of their version the 15.0.2 landing page is not displayed / not found.

They may receive the following error during installation:

User-added image


Build 203 is a pre-release build. The final build was 204. Build 203 was provided to some users to test a potential fix of a known defect. 


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
The final patch version of MapInfo Pro™ 15.0.1 (build 204) can be patched successfully.

For customers running the pre-release build, please use the following work around:
  • Un-Install MapInfo Pro™ 15  (32 bit)
  • Re-Install MapInfo Pro™ 15.0 with administrator privileges (right click > run as administrator)
  • Run the patch 15.0.2 directly on MapInfo Pro™ 15.0 also with administrator privileges (right click > run as administrator)