Resolve "Each client/account/s-account/ss-account must have a unique code" when adding a new account in Business Manager

Products affected: Business Manager


When adding new account in Business Manager, the error "Each client/account/s-account/ss-account must have a unique code" is displayed.


The account code already exists in the database.


UPDATED: August 31, 2017
The account code must be unique. To check if the account already exists in database:
  1. In Business Manager, go to Parameters > Accounts and clients.
  2. In the Search for box, enter the Account Code you were attempting to add and select Go.
  3. If the Account Code is the lowest sub-account, proceed to step 4. If the Account Code has sub-accounts below it, enter a unique Account Code that is not in the database. In the example shown here, you would not be able to use Account Code 00082_0205 because the sub-account "test sub account" exists below it, but you would be able to use the sub-account:
    Business Manager Sub Accounts
  4. If account number is the lowest sub-account, check if that account is locked:
    1. Scroll to the right until the Locked column is visible. If a lock icon appears in the Locked column, as shown here, then the account is locked and it will not appear on the meters.
      Example of a locked account.
    2. To unlock the account:
      1. Select the account.
      2. In the lower left, select the Edit (pencil) button.
      3. At the bottom of the Account Management screen, uncheck Locked account and Lock sub levels.
      4. Confirm Changes.
  5. Ensure that the accounts are available to the meters:
    • For DM Meters:
      1. From the Accounts and clients screen, select the Default DM Accounts button.
      2. On the left side, select the account you wish to be available for the meters.
      3. Select the right arrow button to move the accounts to the right pane. 
      4. Select the Close button to finish. The meter will retrieve the accounts when it syncs.
    • For Connect+ Meters:
      1. Minimize Business Manager.
      2. Double-click on the Business Manager Connect+ icon.
      3. Select Sync Accounts and wait for the sync to complete.
      4. When the Sync Accounts button becomes enabled again, on the Connect+ meter, select Manage Accounts. The meter will retrieve the accounts.
If the account that you are trying to enter is in the list but is not a sub-account, or if the issue is not resolved, contact software support for further assistance.