Resolve poor performance when using large JPEG Aerial images in MapInfo Professional v16

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™ v16.x


When using Mapinfo™ Pro v16.x  with .JPEG Aerial photography, users may notice a decrease in performance in the application during general use.


At present, there is no support for .JPEG file types when using the Mi Raster handler in MapInfo Pro™ v16.x This is to say that there are no pyramid index files (.PPRC) created when opening a .JPEG image in the application.

As a result of this, larger .JPEG files (>50mb) may perform sluggishly when panning and zooming around the map.


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
.TIFF file types are supported in MapInfo Pro™ v16.x by MiRaster and so performance should be significantly improved when using this file format. In addition, users will be able to make use of the "Merge" function to combine these images into .MRR format, improving the performance further.

.JPEG file type support in MiRaster is scheduled (subject to change) for a future release of MapInfo Pro™.