Resolve error "Unable to output above feature to MapInfo" when importing a 3.1.1 GML file in MapInfo Pro 16.0.1

Products affected: MapInfo Professional®, MapInfo Pro™


When importing a GML 3.1.1 file using the Universal Translator, not all the data gets translated with similar message written to the log file:

Unable to output above feature to MapInfo
FME Session Duration: 3.9 seconds. (CPU: 3.0s user, 0.6s system)
END - ProcessID: 12748, peak process memory usage: 119124 kB, current process memory usage: 86304 kB
Unable to output above feature to MapInfo
Program Terminating
Translation FAILED.
Warning: not all Stashed Objects that were registered were dropped before shutdown. This may cause instability
Translation failed


MapInfo Pro™ Version 16.0.1 does not support GML 3.1.1 at this time a feature request is being considered.


UPDATED: June 27, 2017
Check the option "Use old reader for GML v3.1.1" this will enable you to translate the file successfully.