Resolve having the FORMAT parameter place all the requested information in the output file using List Conversion Plus

Products affected:  List Conversion Plus
Product Feature: FORMAT parameter



Using List Conversion Plus (LCP)  version 6.5.0, why isn’t the FORMAT parameter placing the requested data on all of the records?
Some of the records are getting truncated values.
It should say:
But instead the output file has only truncated data on some records:
Why is this happening?


Using the FORMAT parameter:
FORMAT   881135 C05 035  C06 025  573 045  C07 024 
The value in position 573 for 45 bytes is blank on some records.that precedes the C07 constant.   
So the C07 constant value that followed the blank value will not be formatted and placed in the output file.
In the FORMAT parameter, the DROP CONSTANTS field description states:
Constants are not formatted if the succeeding field contains all blanks


UPDATED: July 6, 2017
The suggestion is to add the IF BLK parameter after this set of statements to accommodate blank values and remove the location 573 045  information from the FORMAT parameter. .
IF BLK 573 45                                                           
FORMAT   881135 C05 035  C06 025  C08 024 
END IF                    
Change the whole second FORMAT parameter to use new constant data to account for missing data.