Resolve issue when MapInfo Pro Licenses become untrusted in the License Server Utility

Products affected: Mapinfo Pro­™


The license listed in the License Server Utility (LSU) have become untrusted.

For example: 

User-added image

Users may also see the following message in the License.log file (File > Open Log file..):
(License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))

Note: This error can occur with any type of License, i.e. Concurrent, Borrowable or Distributable.


Significant changes have occurred on the hosted environment which has caused the License to break, or become untrusted.

Flexera has suggested that the following elements must not change to prevent license breakage:
  • MAC address
  • VM-GenerationID
Typically, these are modified during the migration of Virtual environments, and so users will need to ensure that the elements listed above do not change when migrating LSU VM image.

For VM-GenerationID, Flexera have also stated what will and what won't change the generation ID.

Scenario Generation ID changed
Virtual machine is paused or resumed No
Virtual machine reboots No
Virtual machine host reboots No
Virtual machine starts executing a snapshot (every time) Yes
Virtual machine is recovered from backup Yes
Virtual machine is failed over in a disaster recovery environment Yes
Virtual machine is live migrated No
Virtual machine is imported, copied, or cloned Yes
Virtual machine is failed over in a clustered environment No


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
The ultimate resolution to this is to prevent the license from breaking in the first place.

However, in the event that this does happen, please contact Technical Support and prepare the following:
  • The License Server Utility version number (this can be found by selecting Help > About this License Server Utility) - please send a screenshot of this screen.
  • Access to the server where the License Server Utility is hosted, with administrator rights.
  • Internet connectivity on the machine where the License Server Utility is hosted, and the following address whitelisted in any deployed firewall/proxy:

Note that the License Server Utility is backwards-compatible so always download and install the latest
version of the LSU, found here.