Resolve unsupported projection when connecting to a WMS in MapInfo and Discover 2016

Product affected: MapInfo Professional®, MapInfo Pro™, MapInfo Discover 2016


MapInfo Pro™ displays the below message when trying to consume WMS which already contains the GetCapabilities parameter (?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS )

User-added image


The URL is incorrect and should not have the WMS capabilities request included.

MapInfo Professional will create its own capabilities request from the URL the user enters. Most servers doesn't handle this request (likely due to the two request parameters) and returns a service exception. If MIPro fails to get a response using 1.3, it falls back to 1.0

This URL does yield a capabilities document but it isn't formatted correctly. Its header says its 1.0.0 so MIPro tries to interpret it that way but the projections and bounds use the 1.3 format. Therefore MIPro can't interpret the projections and we show this as no valid projections.



UPDATED: July 18, 2017
MIPro will create the capabilities request itself, so those parameters should be omitted. Doing so will result in the correct capabilities document with the correct projection.

In future releases MIPro will strip out the parameters from the URL the user enters -- specifically the ones its going to add -- and then add them back, doing that would fix this problem.