Resolve Verimove 3.7 error “Exception was Thrown: Unable to connect to the remote server” when using a proxy with getfileHTTPS

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Products Affected:  Verimove



The Verimove 3.7 getfileHTTPS utility is used to download the USPS Daily Delete file.  When using a proxy, this utility is returning an error  “Exception was Thrown:  Unable to connect to the remote server”.


The issue has to do with proxy usage in the newer .net software that is used with Verimove 3.7.  The ability to download SHA-256 is only available with the 3.7 getfilehttps.exe.  Therefore, if using a proxy, a new version of the getfileHTTPS must be used in order to resolve the exception error.


UPDATED: October 17, 2017
The new version of getfileHTTPs is attached to this article (password is abc).  This should only be used if the exception error is generated and using a proxy.