Resolve NCOALink database install issue where certain files are empty such as crdpb.dat, lcd.nt, llnpb.dat, etc., in Verimove

Products Affected:  Verimove


Installation of the NCOALink database results in empty files such as crdpb.dat, lcd.nt, llnpb.dat, nampb.dat, nonof.lst, nonol.lst, pnopb.dat, sufpb.dat, etc.


Most of these files are Verimove files, or a converted version of the USPS version. If you find these files are empty, you will want to check the explode process to see if some of the USPS files failed to load such as the CLK hash files.


UPDATED: October 18, 2017
If these files are empty, we suggest that you confirm you have enough space and clear the database explode location and retry the explode process.