Resolve names not being returned by CODE-1 Plus International

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus International


Many addresses are being validated, but a large percentage of name information is not being returned by CODE-1 Plus International.


If the NAMEDF parameter includes an F in position 8, this indicates that the fields should be treated as separate pieces of one name.  When the F is specified, no entry in the “First Name” field will be overwritten.  If the NM OUT parameter provides output locations that are already specified as input locations and data exists in those locations,  the input data will not get overwritten and names will not be returned in the output.


UPDATED: January 27, 2020
This issue can be resolved either by:
1) Changing the F in position 8 of the NAMEDF parameter to either an S or an X.
2) Specifying output locations in the NM OUT parameter that do not contain data in the input file.