Resolve error 'Temporary access key is expired' in EngageOne Delivery Audit


Report Manager log shows the error 'Temporary access key is expired'

ERROR Mail360.LicenseManagement (0) - Temporary access key has expired. Access key: xx-xxxxxxxxxx-IMD product: IMD expires on ' Expiry Date '.


This means access key used has been expired.


UPDATED: November 6, 2017
The Temporary access key is vaild for 45 days and it is provided to the customer to testing purpose only. In order to resolve this, the user needs to remove the Temporary Key and add the permanent license file location in the Data Manager Configuration file.

Following are the steps to remove the Temporary Key from the DataManager.Config file:
1. Open DataManager.config file. Located in "<EODA_Install_Folder>\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit\Data Manager Web Services" directory
2. Remove the access key from ' <add key="accessKeys" value="xx-xxxxxxxxxx-IMD" /> / '
3. Add the path of the license file at ' <add key="licenseFile" value="" /> '
4. Restart the MAIL360 Data Manager Service in Microsoft Service Console. (CMD -> services.msc)