Resolve addresses affected by E911 changes are returning location quality code as ZC7K in Address Broker

Products affected: GeoStan™, AddressBroker™, Centrus® Desktop, GeoTAX® Matrix™, GeoTAX® Premium, Geographic Coding Plus™ Spectrum™ Technology Platform


Addresses previously geocoded to a point or street location are now returning a ZIP+2 centroid when the E911 change for the address is geocoded. 


We do not update addresses in our data for the E911 USPS changes as we are not legally allowed to return the corrected E911 address in our data. Our returned addresses should therefor not be compared against E911 address changes. 


UPDATED: December 18, 2017
Do not attempt to apply E911 changes to standardized and geocoded addresses return from our geocoding products.