Resolve issue in MapInfo Pro/Mapbasic when Browser Cell and TableInfo do not show all significant digits

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


User with MapInfo Pro and MapBasic (all versions) has coordinate data in float format with many significant digits past the decimal point, such as
45.123456789,  -79.987654321, etc.
When viewing the data in a browser or using the the MapBasic function "TableInfo", user notes that not all the digits of his data are being displayed - typically only 4 places past the decimal point display.
This user needs to view all significant digits.


MapInfo Pro and MapBasic are working as designed.
Float columns in browsers only DISPLAY 4 significant digits, but they do use ALL significant digits for computations.


UPDATED: October 26, 2017
If users need to see all significant digits from a float column, they can create a character column and update it with the format$() function to dump its entire contents that are being used.
Trailing zeros or those beyond the 16th place will be ignored.
format$( {column_name}, "#.#########" )
TableInfo (<tabname>, 20) returns a float, which if users want to convert to a string, should also use Format$() function on it to see more significant digits.