How to resolve issue in MapInfo Pro 15.2 64-bit and later when specific characters added to legend are not being saved with wor

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


User running MapInfo Pro 16.0.2 and is trying to insert a special character in to the legend properties dialog.
The character in question was copied from a web page:
The user edits a thematic legend and copy/pastes the character in the dialog and then saves. the workspace.

User-added image

When the workspace was re-opened the desired character was not present:
User-added image



This character is a Unicode character outside the range of normal ASCII. Therefore the character does not display as expected.


UPDATED: December 4, 2017
The Table has to be in NativeX (MapInfo Extended Tab) format with UTF-8 or UTF-16 charset in order to display Unicode symbol. The Legend Designer supports these non-ASCII characters, provided the data itself can support Unicode characters.

To resolve this issue, make a copy of the table and choose NativeX Extended format and UTF-8 or UTF-16 Charset.
Then open the copy and re-create the thematic shade and paste in the Unicode symbol as before and save the Workspace:

User-added image

Now when the Legend is edited and the workspace is saved, the Unicode symbol is retained.

User-added image