Resolve "Dispense Postage Failed 1101001" when shipping with carrier PON in SendSuite Xpress

Product affected: SendSuite® Xpress


When processing an international shipment with carrier PON, after filling out the Commodities Invoice (SWOG), the follow error may display:
Dispense Postage failed: 1101001
Must have exactly one CustomsInfo block.
Must have exactly one CustomsInfo block... 


A required column is not filled in on the Commodities Invoice (SWOG) form.


UPDATED: December 19, 2017
Open the Commodities Invoice (SWOG) form from the Special Service window and ensure that the following fields are filled in:
  • Item#/Commodity
  • SWOG Type
  • Qty/Quantity
  • Description
  • D.V./Custom
  • UOM
  • Price (Note: If the price field is not present on the form, contact Pitney Bowes software support to have the field added.)
  • Orig. Country
  • Weight
Once those fields are filled in, continuing processing the package as usual.