Resolving intermittent "The focus memory soft limit (4876 Mb) has been exceeded" error in Spectrum Miner


Spectrum Miner (Formerly Portrait Miner) build issues

In the TransactionBuild_log.txt, you can see the following line:
2018-01-01T06:11:17.056: message --- pid="Thread-5" project="TransactionBuild" target="Transaction" task="qssort" priority="1" message="*** Warning: The focus memory soft limit (4876 Mb) has been exceeded"

This has been seen intermittently, where it works fine for days and one day it will error out.


An excessive amount of memory is being used, either due to large number of fields in the focus, or large volume of data in each record.  


UPDATED: February 28, 2018
Make the Focus smaller (Reduce the number of fields, and/or process fewer records.)
More memory on the server "might" help.