Resolve Insert tools staying disabled when trying to edit a query layer in MapInfo Pro application 16.0.1

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™ application 16.0.1



If you open a table into MapInfo Pro and make a query on a table, you can add the query to a map window. After doing so, you can make the query layer editable. 
However, the Insert tools stay disabled and do not recognise the editable query layer as being editable. 

Sample code is below:

Map From Buildings 
Select * from Buildings where Zmid=20.521 into __temp 
Add Map Window FrontWindow() Auto Layer __temp 
Set Map Window FrontWindow() Layer __temp Editable On 

Notice the layer is editable but the Insert tools aren’t enabled? 
User-added image



MapInfo Pro does not allow you to change the selection by inserting a new record because that would invalidate the selection.


UPDATED: April 20, 2018
This is working as designed.