Resolving issues with custom thematic templates not loading correctly in MapInfo Pro 17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


When copying a custom thematic template

User-added image

to the correct folder location for MapInfo Pro 17: 
C:\Users\login name\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1700\ThmTmplt
 the template was created in an older version of Pro, the template does not appear

in MapInfo Pro 17 when creating thematic maps.



In MapInfo Pro 17, changes were made in order to support the upcoming multi-language installer,
and this resulted in a change to how thematic templates integrate with MapInfo Pro 17.
These changes resulted in MapInfo Pro 17 not supporting custom thematic templates by simply copying them to the appropriate folder as in previous versions.


UPDATED: May 8, 2018
1) Copy the custom thematic templates to the expected folder:
C:\Users\login name\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1700\ThmTmplt

The custom template is called Custom_Pro15_template_test.thmUser-added image
2)  Open the ThemeTemplate.lst file (found in the THMTMPLT folder at PATH above) in a texteditor such as Notepad, etc. and add an entry at the bottom by entering the actual name of the custom template, then hit TAB, and then enter next number in the numerical sequence of
numbers that follow every template in the list of templates.  After entering that number, hit RETURN, and then save the edits to the .lst file.(There is no need to enter the third set of numbers which represent a time-date stamp)
Here is a screenshot of the ThemeTemplate.lst file before editing
Here is a screenshot of the edited .lst file – note that the number “0076” was entered, as that is the next number in numerical sequence:
User-added image
 3) In Windows Explorer, navigate back to the THMTMPLT folder and re-name the Custom_Pro15_template_test.thm to the sequential number entered in the .lst file.In the example above, the file in the THMTMPLT folder would get re-named to
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4) Now start MapInfo Pro 17, open a mappable table and use “Add a Theme” to verify that the template is now available for use:

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