Resolving "No specified layers were found in MapInfo Dataset" error translating MapInfo TAB to Esri Shape with Universal Translator

Product affected: MapInfo Pro


Translating a MapInfo TAB to ESRI Shape using Universal Translator (UT) in MapInfo Pro™ 16.0.3 results in an error during translation and no output (ESRI Shape) is created. The translation fails.

A typical error can be seen in the screen shot below: 
User-added image


Translator API was not updated in 16.0.3 either SAFE did not use interim update from us in their product and waited until we had NativeX support before they updated with latest. LargeInt and NativeX support all were in FME that shipped with v17. 


UPDATED: May 17, 2018
Upgrade MapInfo Pro to version 17.

Users of 16.0.3 and earlier are going to need to change column type before translation. Beware of conversion of column types from LargeInt to Integer as truncation may occur.