The error "xxx has x rows with no object associated with it" occurs in RouteFinder Drive Time calculation

Products affected: MapInfo™ RouteFinder 5.x


The error message "xxx has x rows with no object associated with it. Please resolve these issues before continuing" appears during Drive Time calculation in MapInfo™ RouteFinder 5.x.


This error message appears because in the table xxx, the user has x row(s) without associated object(s), so in this case MapInfo RouteFinder cannot perform the calculation.


UPDATED: August 20, 2019
In order to fix this issue, please find rows without associated object using a simple SQL query with the condition "not obj".

Once rows without associated object have been selected, user has two options:
  • Delete all rows without associated objets 
  • Create corresponding objects for each selected rows
As soon as these changes are saved, it is possible to restart the calculation.