Smart label feature in StreetPro Data causing export problems in StreetPro Data

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When trying to export a StreetPro layer which utilizes "Smart Labels", to a delimited ASCII text file, the ANSI character (a small square) causes problems, when trying to open the resultant file in Excel.


This could be caused due to ANSI character causing line-wrap in the text file itself. Therefore, the second portion of the label gets pushed to the next line and opens incorrectly in Excel.

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UPDATED: December 9, 2019
  1. Click inside the cell and highlight the ANSI character in a small square and choose Edit>Copy
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        2.  Choose Tools>Tool Manager and start the Search&Replace tool.
        3.  Select the table and column in question.
        4.  Click inside the "Search String" window and choose Edit>Paste.
              This will paste the ANSI character into the window, although note it's appearance is different in this dialog window.
              Leave the "Replacement String" window blank:
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5.   Click "OK" and the troublesome ANSI character will be replaced with a blank space, properly exporting this file and importing the file correctly into Excel.
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