Understanding differences when converting GRD format to MRR format using the Raster Convert tool in MapInfo Pro Advanced

Product affected: MapInfo Pro Advanced™


1) User running MapInfo Pro Advanced 17.0 is using the Raster convert tool to convert a
.GRD format file with Raster height and width of 4903 pixels to the proprietary .MRR format
and notices that the resultant file has a different raster height and width of 5120 pixels.
2) The user also noticed that the raster values seem to change as well.


1) Pro is working as designed.
MRR format stores data in tiles and default tile size is 1024. Whenever Pro converts any legacy raster format data to MRR format, output MRR height and width will be calculated on the basis of how many tiles required in the x and y direction to accommodate the input raster size.

2) The GRD is being converted to the .MRR format correctly.
The color break table tool, however, is reporting an incorrect cell count.
This issue has been filed as bug MIRAST-16248 with no patch or workaround currently available.



UPDATED: August 6, 2018
1) Pro is working correctly and as designed.
2) Bug MIRAST-16248 has been filed to resolve this issue.