Resolve label not printing in Safari or Firefox in SendPro

Products affected: SendPro™, Safari on Mac OS, Firefox on Mac OS


If you are using a Mac and Safari's built in PDF Viewer to print shipping labels in SendPro™ on a Brother QL-1050 printer, the 4 x 6 label may not print.


Safari or Firefox is not configured to print 4 x 6 inch shipping labels.


UPDATED: September 30, 2019
The Brother icon will appear in the Dock as shown here. The Dock is the bar of icons located at the bottom of your Mac.

User-added image

Selecting the Brother icon opens the printer properties window. A message appears: "The roll of labels or tape inside machine does not match the one selected in the application."

Remove the print jobs from the print queue:
  1. Near the top menu of your Mac, select the Apple icon > System Preferences
  2. Select Printers & Scanners
  3. Select the Brother QL-1050 printer
  4. Select Open Print Queue
  5. Select the "x" icon to delete the print jobs in the queue

If using Safari, download and install Adobe Reader plug-in for Safari:
  1. If you are signed in to SendPro, sign out
  2. Using Safari, go to the Get Adobe Reader website
  3. Select Install Now
  4. Go to your Downloads folder, and double-click on the file named AdobeReader_<version>_install.dmg
  5. In the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Installer pop-up box, select Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  6. If prompted "Are you sure you want to open it", select Open
  7. If prompted for the administrator password, enter the administrator password and select OK
  8. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will install. Select Finish.
  9. In the top menu bar of your Mac, select Safari Preference
  10. Select Security
  11. Next to Internet plug-ins, select Allow Plug-ins
  12. Select Plug-in Settings
  13. Select Adobe Reader
  14. Next to When visiting other websites, select Allow Always
  15. Select Done
  16. Close the Security pop-up box
Printing the label: Adobe Reader Plug-in
  1. Use SendPro to create a label
  2. As soon as the label is generated, the Adobe Reader’s print dialog opens. The print preview will be blank. This is a known problem with Adobe Reader plug-in and has been submitted to Adobe for investigation and resolution.
  3. The blank print preview the label will not print correctly so dismiss the print dialog
  4. Hover over the PDF document shown, and click on the Printer icon in Adobe Reader. The Adobe Reader print dialog will open again. The print preview should be properly showing the label. Select File > Print.
  5. In the Print dialog, make sure you select 4x6 Large Shipping Label as the paper size
  6. Select Print

If using Firefox:

When using Firefox to print the PDF, the print dialog does not have the proper paper size selected.
  1. Make sure to select the paper size (4x6 or 4x6 Large Shipping Label) before selecting Print