Error "Raster engine was unable to recognize image file format" when opening .grd/.tab tables in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™ 



User running MapInfo Pro 15.0 32-bit and MapInfo Pro 15.2 64-bit can open .grd tables in the 32-bit version without error using the .tab file to open the table, but in the 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro, an error is thrown that shows "Raster engine was unable to recognize image file format".


The current 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro install with a "raster" handler for .grd files, but do not install a "grid" handler for .grd files.

The 32-bit version installs both raster and grid handlers for .grd files.
So in order to open the .grd (or .grd with .tab)  on 64-bit versions of Pro, the .grd file needs to be treated as raster, not a grid. 

Therefore when opening a .grd table (or.grd with .tab) in 64-bit versions of Pro, user's should select "raster" at the "files of type" drop-down and not the tab or grid format option.

User-added image

Pro will create a new tab after opening the table - confirm to overwrite the exiting .tab.
This is expected behavior based on what raster and grid handlers that currently ship for the 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro. (i.e. 12.5.1 and 15.2.2 as of June 2016) 


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
In MapInfo Pro 64-bit, open the .grd file directly by changing "files of type" to "raster" and
then select the .grd file, and choose to overwrite the tab file when prompted, thereby recreating the TAB file and the .grd should then open as a raster, correctly georeferenced.