Resolve issue where Import Anything blocks webconnector requests in Confirm

Product Feature: Task Processor


The Import Anything process is blocking webconnector requests to the relevant Data Base.


When Import anything is making an update in a database it rises an exclusive lock in that data. (Impact of lock depends on DB lock settings and DB version Oracle or MS SQL).


UPDATED: October 19, 2017
We believe that setting the schedule for the Import Anything job at a time when there are little or no BizTalk requests received by the system should solve that issue.
Client can also change the settings of a timeout in “All System Settings>Connector Settings” to decrease the number of blocked communication.

In case for further investigation and assistance we will need further information:

Logs of both import Anything agent and Connector.(Provider and Tenant Logs both)
*Location of those log files are set in “All System Settings>Connector Settings” and  “All System Settings>Task Processor Settings”

Import Data file imported by Import anything job and Connector requests (XML files with request note to thick Dump Data in “All System Settings>Connector Settings”)
What Confirm version it is? What type of Database it is? (Oracle or MS SQL)
Is connector deployed on the same machine as task processor?