Geostan: Input coordinates not returning state code, county code or tract information.

Affected product: Geostan™


Reverse geocoding is not returning state code, county code or tract information for known coordinates.  Can Geostan reverse geocode a point which is more than 150 feet away from the nearest segment or can parcel/point data be used for for reverse geocoding?

Following is a code snippet from the reverse geocoding engine being used. 

' set input fields 
m_lGSHandle.setData(lLat, GeoStan.GS_LAT) 
m_lGSHandle.setData(lLon, GeoStan.GS_LON) 
m_lGSHandle.setFindOption(Find.GS_NEAREST_ADDRESS, True) 
m_lGSHandle.setFindOption(Find.GS_NEAREST_UNRANGED, True) 
m_lGSHandle.MixedCase = False 
lStatus = m_lGSHandle.find() 


The search distance GS_FIND_SEARCH_DIST has not been set. This property has a default of 0.


UPDATED: March 24, 2017
If GS_FIND_SEARCH_DIST is set to 150 (feet) matched values will be returned.  The max search distance is 1 mile and Geostan can be configured to look for the nearest feature (intersection - if included in search parameter, street, or point), or it can be limited to just find nearest point.