MapInfo Pro distrubutable licenses are lost due to License Server Utility machine format or crash

Product Affected: MapInfo License Server Utility
Product Feature: Distributable License



License Server Utility (LSU) issues new distributable license seats after machine format or crash.
This results in increase in the license count instead of replacing to the old seats.



This is the current behaviour of License Server Utility.


UPDATED: August 8, 2019
If the machine format is planned, transferring all the licenses from License Server Utility is recommended.
After the machine is formatted, the licenses can be activated again.

If the distributable license seats are lost due to a machine format or crash, then overdraft feature for distributable license can be used if the licenses are more than 10.
You can overdraw on distributable licenses in MapInfo Pro up to 10% of the number of distributable licenses you own.
For example, if 50 distributable licenses are activated, up to 5 broken licenses can be overdrawn.

For more information, refer to the topic Overdraft Support for Distributable Licenses.