Mapinfo Pro Advanced 15.2 - Raster converted to GeoTiff' format does not show colors when converted image file is opened outside of Pro


In Mapinfo Pro 15.2 Advanced, opening a Raster and then converting to GeoTiff' format creates an image that does not show colors when converted image file is opened out side of Professional (Windows Picture Viewer, Photoshop, etc.)

GeoTiff after conversion when viewed within Pro:

User-added image

Here is the GeoTiff when viewed outside of Professional:
User-added image



Windows Image supports displaying Imagery Formats.

A GeoTiff file can be an Imagery file as well as a Continuous file. In this case since the original data GRD file was a Continuous data, Convert operation produced a Continuous GeoTiff file. Hence it was displayed all black in Windows Photo Viewer

Engineering is in the process of updating the Convert tool to allow saving the Continuous Raster file into any of the supported field types including Imagery. Currently it is only supported for Classified Field Types and they can be converted to any field type. An additional drop-down is displayed to select the Output field type if you have a Classified source file selected in Convert tool.


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
In order to view the Image in Windows Photo Viewer, etc., you need to Save as an Image using HOME tab >> Save Image
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Once saved as Image file, you can double click to open the saved file to open in Windows Photo Viewer or any other supported software and it will look fine.
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