Reindexing EngageOne Vault for Windows

Vault on Windows, versions 5.5, 6.1., 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6

Reindexing EngageOne® Vault is sometimes necessary in extreme circumstances, especially if documents were incorrectly removed from the database.  Contact Pitney Bowes Technical Support before attempting this to verify that this is really the correct action to be taken if facing any issue.

Steps to reindex:

  1. Stop the download process
  2. Shut down Vault Services using below commands:
    1. Net stop e2serverd
    2. net stop e2loaderd
    3. net stop e2renderd
  3. Open a shell in the server directory (On the prompt screen move to server directory)
    1. cd <..>\Vault\Server\
  4. Rename the index directory: ren index index.old
  5. Create an .index flag file for each .drd file using the below command:
    1. for %i in (docdata\*.drd) do echo x > process\%~ni.index
  6. Restart Vault Services
    1. Net start e2serverd
    2. net start e2loaderd
    3. net start e2renderd
  7. Wait for the indexing to be completed
  8. More data will become available as the process continues
  9. Resume the download process
  10. Check to see if the documents appear on the Vault Client.
UPDATED:  December 24, 2019