Changing the background color of the Legend in MapInfo Professional 11.5

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Unfortunately it is not possible to change the background color of the Legend Window in MapInfo Professional 11.5.
MapInfo Pro 11.5 does have an option that allows users to utilize MapInfo Pro version 11 legends.
To enable this, go to Options > Preferences > Legends and tick the box labelled "Create Version 11.0 Legends" as shown below.
User-added image
Once that is enabled, close and reopen MapInfo Pro for the new preferences to take affect.
Please note that users may have to close the cartographic legend and recreate it to be sure that the version 11 legends are in use.

1. Create a layout window
2. Draw a new frame using the Frame toolbar button
User-added image
3. In the Frame Object dialog that now appears select None from the dropdown menu for the Window field
4. Select the empty frame using the select toolbar button
5. With the empty frame selected click on the Region Style toolbar button
User-added image
6. Choose a Foreground colour from the Foreground drop-down menu
7. Click OK  to create an empty frame 
8. Double click the empty frame and choose the legend from the drop-down menu for the Window field
9. Click OK and a colored frame will be populated within the legend frame
User-added image

UPDATED:  December 3, 2019