Auditing in EngageOne Vault

The audit process created two reports, one containing metadata of files being ingested, other showing the count of pages ingested in each month
Follow these steps:
  1. Create a non-empty text file (it can contain just a few spaces) with the name 'audit.adm'.
  2. While the Vault loader is running, place 'audit.adm' file under the '<EngageOneVault_Installed_Directory>/server/process' directory.
  3. Monitor the 'e2loaderd' log file, expected log entries are as follows :
    14:36:36 begin audit
    14:36:36 creating list file [info\list<>.csv]
    14:36:36 creating audit file [info\audit.<>.csv]
    14:36:36 total pages [11]
    14:36:36 total files [1]
    14:36:36 peak [2013/03] pages [11]
    14:36:36 end audit
  4. After getting 'end audit' in the 'e2loaderd' log (this can take some time depending on how many files have been ingested), look for the two files created in the '<EngageOneVault_Installed_Directory>/server/info' as listed in the 'e2loaderd' log file.
list<date>.csv contains:
  1. File Name
  2. File Date
  3. Error
  4. Profile
  5. Resource Set
  6. Uncompressed
  7. Compressed
  8. Pages
audit<date>.csv contains:
  1. Month
  2. Total Pages
  3. Licence
UPDATED:  May 27, 2019