Resolving EngageOne Designer and EngageOne template synchronization

Products Affected: EngageOne Designer, EngageOne Server
Is there is a ‘secure’ way to link together the zip version which is shown in the EngageOne Server Administration console and the EngageOne Designer template.
The word ‘secure’ means a way which doesn’t involve human record tracking or file naming conventions.
Ideally there should be a metadata information in the zip, created by the EngageOne Designer, which should be shown when in the EngageOne Server Administration console.
The risk is to completely loose the control of the two environments.

Imagine I open the EngageOne Server Admin and select a specific template (i.e: version 1.2, which is not the latest one) . Imagine I need to open the same version in the Designer.
How can I easily understand which version of the Designer template is the one I was referring to in EngageOne Server Admin?

In the Designer I can use some labels during the save function. I can also reference to a specific label when I want to publish a template. Unfortunately, that piece of information is lost when loading the template zip file in EngageOne. So, apparently, I miss the connection between the production version of template and the same in the Designer environment.

Is there any way to get any connection information?
We had a look to the XML you were referring to but, as far as we understand, there couldn’t find any reference to the Designer template labels.

There is extensive information about the version and identity of the source publication and repository contained in the template zip file in "tempalte_master.xml". This is detailed on page 14 of the Programmer's Reference Guid (Gen2) which I've attached.

You can access most of this information programmatically through the API which is also documented in that guide.

There is no built-in mechanism to show this information in EO Server Admin, but using the information above it should be possible to program that functionality.
UPDATED:  August 21, 2017