Getting complete field value in the Sagent output

Product Family: Sagent Data Flow
Product Feature: Design Studio
Follow these steps:
  • Invoke Sagent Admin. Go to 'Servers' tab and highlight the Data Flow Service
  • Locate MaxFieldLength' parameter under 'Configuration' and highlight it
  • Enter the desired value in the test box, then click 'Set New Value'.
  • Click 'Load Into Service'.
  • Restart DFS via Sagent Admin.

Alternatively, 'MaxFieldLength' can be changed on the Server where Data Flow service (hosted on Windows) is running via Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sagent\DataMart\DC.
  • Locate MaxFieldLength and increase it.
  • Restart DFS.
In both cases, after the DFS restart, new value of 'MaxFieldLength' value gets updated in the “Status” bar of Sagent Admin.
UPDATED:  September 2, 2019