How to combine two data fields into a single field in Spectrum Enterprise Designer

Product affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform
Versions: 8 SP3, 9 SP3, 10 SP1, 11 SP1, 12
Operating System: Windows, Linux, UNIX
Here are steps to combine two fields into one field in Spectrum Enterprise Designer:
  1. Select Transformer stage from Palette and add to dataflow.
Transformer Stage
  1. Double-click Transformer icon from dataflow, after connecting to an input stage.
Transform in dataflow
  1. Select Add.
Transformer Options window
  1. Select Construct Field under General drop-down list. Select Insert Fields.
Add Transform
  1. Select the fields to be combined from the Insert Fields window, then select Add then Close.
Insert Fields to Transformer
  1. Insert Fields adds selected fields based on their order from top to bottom. Ensure that the Template portion of the Add Transform window has the fields in the proper order.
Add Transform's Template Field
  1. Set the To field using the drop-down button or by typing a new field name to determine which field will contain the combined column information.
Add Transform To field
  1. Once ensuring the Template and To field sections are set up properly, select Add then Close. The new transform appears in the Transformer Options window
Transformer Options with new Transform
UPDATED:  September 22, 2017