How to insert a Date Tag for Reporting in AnySite

Products affected: Anysite™

To add the Date to an Excel  Report in AnySite 9.x, you should navigate to the Anysite_XX\Template folder in Windows Explorer (where xx is US.or CAN)
Then copy the file ExcelReportTemplate.xlsx to a safe location in case one needs to revert.

To add the Date field to Summary Report's, for example:

Open the ExcelReportTemplate.xlsx found in the Template folder in Excel and select the Summary Report Worksheet.
Go to Insert tab and then the Text section and select "Header and Footer":
insert date tag

At the desired area of the Header or Footer, you would copy and paste in one of these Date Tags:
The tag starts with < and ends with > and is boldfaced below:
 <DATE> (date as formatted in ASDE today) – ex. 01 June 2012
 <DATE1> - ex. 01 Jun 2012 - new
 <DATE2> - ex. 01/06/2012 - new
 <DATE3> - ex. 01.06.2012 - new
 <DATE_US1> - ex. June 1, 2012 - new
 <DATE_us2> - ex. Jun 1, 2012 - new
 <DATE_us3> - ex. 06/01/2012 - new
 <DATE_us4> - ex. 06.01.2012 - new

And here is the result when a Summary Report is run:

Summary Report with Date in Header
UPDATED:  September 8, 2017