How to Globally Change the Font Being Used to a Different Name in Doc1

Products Affected: Doc1
DOC1GFC (DOC1 Global Font Change). This utility is covered in the Programmers Guide for your version starting on page 97. On page 98, the guide talks about doing name changes for both Coded Fonts and "Character Set/Code page" pairs. Your application does not have any fonts set up as "Character Set/Code page" pairs so this is not an issue. You can see this by opening up your EAR file, which you can do even in Notepad. Here is your EAR and an example in the Red box that shows a "Character Set/Code page" pairs ". You can see that this is not an issue for your group.

This utility is in the "dllexe" folder on the workstation and this utility is case sensitive, so please double check your typing.
UPDATED:  August 31, 2017