Changing the default server and port for Spectrum Spatial

Product Affected: Spectrum Technology Platform
Product Feature: Repository
To manually update the spatial repository in Spectrum: 
  1. Make a backup of the current Spectrum install folder.
  2. Open the <Spectrum install>/server/modules/spatial/ file.
  3. Change the repository.port value to the desired port number.
  4. Save the changes and close the file.
  5. In a web browser, go to http://<servername>:<port>/RepositoryService.
  6. Click the Standard WebDAV link.
  7. The next page will display the URL link to access the repository. e.g. http://<servername>:8080/RepositoryService/repository/default/.
  8. Open the URL to access the content repository through Windows Explorer.
  9. Inside the Configuration folder are eight files, double-click those files and they'll open a read-only view in a web browser. Each of those files contains at least one XML tag that references the server URL.  Use the WebDAV client to update each of the URLs in those eight configuration items.
  10. After editing the above files, restart the Spectrum server and validate the changes.
UPDATED:  August 9, 2019