Creating Defects on ConfirmConnect Inspection Routes

Products affected: Confirm, ConfirmConnect

Route Survey Tasks - instead of Asset Survey, or Condition Survey, Feature Tasks - are downloaded to ConfirmConnect when an Inspection Route’s Inspection Type has no Observation Types against it and the whole Inspection Route is assigned to the logged in Officer.

When a Route Task is selected, a page is opened displaying the Route on a map with a Start button below it. Tapping the Start button displays a page with a map, which has all the Route’s Features plotted on it. Tapping on a Feature, or cluster of Features, displays the Feature details and tapping on a Feature, displays the list of Fast Defect Types. Tapping on one of the Fast Defect Types creates a Defect, without displaying a Defect page, and closes the Fast Defect Type list.

A Defect Type is determined to be Fast when it is linked to one SOR Group.

More information is in the Confirm help file under ConfirmConnect > User Guide > List > Route Survey.
UPDATED:  October 30, 2018