Installing and uninstalling MapInfo Professional silently

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™
Directions for all operating systems except Windows 7 and Server 2008:

1. If you have the DVD , please place the installation DVD in the target computer’s disk drive. If not please download the installation files from our website.
2. From the command line on the target computer, type:
"[drive and path to setup exe]:setup.exe" /s /v"[Parameters for MSI]"
where PARAMETERS for MSI are the parameters you set to populate the msiexec .
For example:
"d:\Install\MI_PRO\DISK1\setup.exe" /s /v"/qb
INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\MapInfo\MapInfoPro\"

Please note: the command line parameters for the installer can not contain "~","/"
The parameter /qb tells the msiexec command to launch the install with a basic interface. That does 
not require any user action and allows the user to respond to the UAC in Windows 7 and 2008.
There should be no space in between Variable=Content. A space is used as a separator in between 
Parameters for user information:
• USERNAME=User Name
• COMPANYNAME=Company Name
Parameters for installation target information:
• INSTALLDIR=Install Directory
Use this parameter to decline the installation of Crystal Reports, installed by default.
Parameters for licensing information:
• PIDKEY=Serial Number
• ACCD=Access Code
• LSNAME=License Server Name
• LSPN=License Server Port Number
Parameters for activating node lock and distributed licenses silently:
• ACTLIC=True 
For silent automatic NODE LOCK and DISTRIBUTED activate licenses.
For silent return licenses.
• LICLOG=Filename for log files
• BORROW=#days or True 
If no specific number of days are entered, True is a valid input and results in a # of days.
• SDRLYN=False 
Use this parameter to see no license transfer dialog when the user uninstalls. The license 
stays on the system if not RETLIC=True.

Please note: parameters ACTLIC and RETLIC are False by default.
Parameter for English language setting:

The default is based on the computer’s region options format setting. If this is set to anything 
other than US english, ENUS, then UK english, ENUK, is set.

For concurrent licenses the parameters for the license server name and license server port number 
must also be included: 
1. Place the installation DVD in the target computer’s disk drive.
2. From the command line on the target computer, type: 
"d:\Install\MI_PRO\DISK1\setup.exe" /s /v"PARAMETERS"
where PARAMETERS are the parameters you set to populate the msiexec.
For example:
"d:\Install\MI_PRO\DISK1\setup.exe" /s /v"/qb 
INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\MapInfo\MapInfoPro\""
Look for the type of installation you want to perform from the options below and follow the 
corresponding instructions. In each of the install scenarios described below, the serial number and 
access code parameters are given in the following format: 
• PIDKEY=MI##############
• ACCD=######

Directions for Windows 7 and Server 2008 and beyond:
You can only perform a completely silent install of MapInfo Professional on Windows 7/Windows 
Server 2008 and beyond when your install process has elevated administrative privileges. 
The command-line options /q and /qn do not work on these operating systems when the User 
Access Control (UAC) is turned on and your install process does not run with elevated administrative 
privileges. These options turn off the user interface during the installation, which suppresses the 
Windows UAC. Users must interact with the UAC to provide the necessary credentials to run the 
installation as an administrator. If the user interface is turned off, the installation is terminated 
without warning because the UAC cannot gather the appropriate credentials. 
To work around the problem, use the /qb option in the command line when you run the silent install. 
This option gives the installation a basic user interface and allows the UAC to display on the screen.
To perform a silent install on a Windows 7 and 2008 computer using the /qb option: 
1. If you have the DVD , please place the installation DVD in the target computer’s disk drive. If not please download the installation files from our website.
2. From the command line on the target computer, type: 
"d:\Install\MI_PRO\DISK1\setup.exe" /s /v"/qb USERNAME=\"MyUser\"
COMPANYNAME=\"MyCompanyName\ "PIDKEY=MI############## ACCD=######" 
PIDKEY=MI############## is the product serial number
ACCD=###### is the access code
3. When User Access Control displays on the screen, click Allow or Yes.
For concurrent licenses, the license server name and port number parameters must be included: 
Substitute the appropriate license server name and port number when you perform the silent install.

Uninstalling MapInfo Professional Silently (all operating systems):
To perform a silent uninstall of MapInfo Professional 11.5:
• From the command line on the target computer type: 
msiexec.exe /x {8C9128C2-2077-4B6E-BFCF-2BD32A801A80}/q
Running this command only uninstalls MapInfo Professional 11.5. It does not uninstall a previous 
version of MapInfo Professional. It does not uninstall MapInfo ProViewer, MapInfo Runtime, or 
Please note: The uninstall key is unique to each version of MapInfo Professional. To silently uninstall an 
older version of MapInfo Professional, you would need to use its product code (uninstall key). 
These keys are in the regestry at 
UPDATED:  June 21, 2019