How to determine how accurately a site was geocoded in Anysite

Product affected: AnySite™
There are 2 ways in AnySite currently to geocode an Address
1) using Spectrum - AnySite sends the address to our Spectrum Servers over the .net for geocoding
2) using MapMarker - either the stand-alone full MapMarker product or the "OEM" MapMarker included with AnySite.
A) here's a result using Spectrum -  we used the info tool and click on the site and notice how the address field is blank, as is the ZIP field:
User-added image

B) Now geocode using OEM MapMarker - notice those same fields are now populated:
User-added image

One can see that in example A above,  AnySite using Envinsa could not find the street address or the zip and so the site location fell back to the city centroid for Austin.
This is why the address and zip fields are blank when you use the Info Tool
But when OEM MapMarker was used, the correct street and zip were found, (reflected in the dialog on the left) and the location is correct.

For Anysite versions 9.x and later:
To change the geocoding method, launch the configurator and go to Tools>edit application ini, which will launch in notepad.
At the top "geocode " section, change the value from "Method=5" to "Method=2" and the go to File>Save and then close the ini file and
close and re-start AnySite:
User-added image

When AnySite launches, users will likely get an error stating that AS cannot find the MapMarker Data.
All that needs to be done is to click on the browse button in that dialog -
One can then see that the selected folder is "Data" underneath the "MapMarker" folder.
Double-click on the MapMarker folder so it is selected and then double click on the Data folder underneath, so that it is once again selected and then hit OK thru the dialogs and Anysite should launch.
Then try to find that same address and see if the result is the same…

UPDATED:  September 21, 2017