How to add a company logo into custom Title Block in Encom

The default custom titleblock (Titleblk.TAB) is stored in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\Professional\Discover (Windows 7) or
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\Discover (Windows XP)
You can save a copy of the existing titleblock (File > Save Copy As) and modify it to contain your company logo.

These files can be stored in a network folder to be shared with your colleagues.

To register a company logo:
  1. Open the titleblock file that you want to customize in a Map Window
  2. Discover > Images > Rectify Image
  3. Open the company logo image, when prompted to load control points, click Yes
  4. Click the Projection button and change the projection to Non-Earth (centimetres).
  5. Select the first control point row
  6. Press S on the keyboard to change to snap mode.
  7. Click the Map button. Snap to at the corresponding control point location in the map window, then click the corresponding point in the map window.
  8. In the Rectify Image dialog box, the relevant Map_X and Map_Y coordinates are updated.
  9. Repeat the above step until all Map_X and Map_Y coordinates are updated for the rest of the points.
  10. Click Rectify – a new image with the associated TAB file will be generated.
If you name the company logo as Logo.jpg and - you can copy these files into the same location as the Titleblock TAB file and it will display the logo automatically with the Titleblock when creating the Scaled Output.
If you name the company logo other than the default name (Logo.jpg &, you will need to create a placeholder in the Titleblock browser. Please save the jpg and tab files in the same folder as the Titleblock files.

NOTE that the textfield width is set to 20 - you will need to change this if your file name is more than 20 characters (Table > Maintenance > Table Structure).

User-added image

UPDATED:  August 21, 2017